3. 英文4010-003

(C)046.I like to go to the cinema when I am in the for it.(A)motive (B)mind (C)mood (D)notion

(A)047.Burke resigned from the company, and Jones, as his good friend, immediately ; the company lost two capable men.
(A)followed suit (B)made a scene (C)flew in a rage(D)stepped in

(C)048.I suggest you study in the library where you would have fewer _____ than in other places.(A)frustrations (B)obstructions (C)distractions(D)instructions

(A)049.The sales manager is leaving this week, _____ to get a higher paid job in an international company.
(A)presumably (B)considerately (C)legally(D)hysterically

(D)050.A little girl _____ argues with an adult for his rude behavior in the museum. Her language expressions are very fluent and appropriate.(A)ambiguously (B)consciously (C)dependently(D)eloquently

(D)051.Psychologists found that people addicted to alcohol cannot go back to _____ drinking.(A)desperate (B)fortunate (C)immediate (D)moderate

(B)052.The United Kingdom has long been _____ to cut its tie with the European Union mainly because of the issues of refugee flows and economic migrants.(A)bald (B)keen (C)sleek (D)tepid

(A)053.I don't believe he had the to take the credit! He didn't even move a finger in the project.(A)cheek (B)check (C)creek (D)click

(A)054.The doctor warned the parents that the new born baby cannot _____ hard food, such as crackers.(A)digest (B)differ (C)diffuse (D)discover

(D)055.To show respect to the Muslim belief, shorts are _____ out of the question when you visit a mosque.(A)scarcely (B)unlikely (C)relatively (D)definitely

(B)056.As soon as the medication , my leg began to hurt again.(A)takes actions (B)wears off (C)sets out(D)passes through

(C)057.The of pineapples is much more than demanded, so the price drops.(A)shield (B)field (C)yield (D)quilt

(C)058.The mining town has changed beyond during the last decade. It is no longer deserted and lifeless.(A)contribution (B)resignation (C)recognition(D)sensation

(C)059.The first play experiences between mother and baby promote a baby’s most sense of self and other.(A)complimentary (B)documentary (C)rudimentary(D)supplementary

(A)060.The movie “Zootopia” is PG (Parental guidance suggested) for gently rude humor and occasional scariness.(A)rated (B)sized (C)ranked (D)scaled

(A)061.The number of giant pandas has as a growing human population has grabbed wild lands for human uses.(A)declined (B)defeated (C)delegated (D)departed

(D)062.Adversely affected by the global economic , many businesses went bankrupt and closed down.(A)accession (B)hesitation (C)injection (D)recession

(D)063.Most senior high school students are under pressure to get into a good university.(A)prosperous (B)continental (C)beneficial

(B)064.Initially, text-messaging was for shy teenagers who could communicate with their friends without the need to speak to them.
(A)invested (B)invented (C)instituted (D)injected


(A)065.It’s tempting to the overuse of mobile devices for the deteriorating face-to-face interpersonal communication.(A)blame (B)blend (C)bleed (D)blush